Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

Our Commitment to DEI

KPS Capital Partners, LP (“KPS” or the “Firm”) is a leading global private equity firm that makes controlling equity investments in manufacturing and industrial companies across a diverse array of industries.  For over three decades, KPS has strived to conduct itself according to its core values of integrity, veracity and transparency.  As a global firm with portfolio companies that operate 223 manufacturing facilities in 26 countries with approximately 48,000 employees worldwide (as of September 30, 2023), KPS respects all employees of its portfolio companies, and believes it has a duty to the communities in which it operates.  KPS takes pride in its constructive approach with all stakeholders, including management teams, employees, unions, customers, vendors and the communities in which its portfolio companies do business.

KPS is committed to promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (“DEI”) in the workplace and at its portfolio companies and believes it makes KPS and its portfolio companies stronger.  KPS values, embraces and encourages its differences as each person has a unique perspective to bring to the table.  KPS is committed to fostering and building a work environment built on the premise of diversity, equity and inclusion.  Employees are expected to exhibit professional and constructive behavior in all firm interactions. 

KPS believes its culture is a critical competitive advantage and a significant differentiator in the private equity market.  KPS fosters a spirit of continuous improvement in all facets of the Firm, and has expanded its approach to DEI over the years, in particular focusing on gender and family initiatives and corporate responsibility.  KPS also aims to promote DEI within the broader private equity community and in the industries in which its portfolio companies operate.

KPS believes that DEI initiatives will attract diverse talent, promote engagement and retention among its employees, and serve to benefit its portfolio companies through the creation of participatory, communicative and empowered corporate cultures that encourage direct employee engagement in making businesses better, safer and more rewarding.   

The objectives of the KPS funds are to seek to maximize risk-adjusted returns for investors consistent with the investment objectives of each KPS fund as set forth in its governing documents.  DEI initiatives are generally aimed at identifying or enhancing value opportunities or sought out in furtherance of pursuing favorable investment outcomes, in line with the investment objectives of the relevant KPS fund.  


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