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Making Businesses Better Since 1991

For over three decades, the Partners of KPS have worked to acquire and improve businesses that manufacture a diverse array of products across a broad number of industries.

KPS believes that its differentiated investment strategy consistently results in the creation of strong, industry-leading companies.  KPS’ investment strategy seeks to create meaningful value in its portfolio companies that benefits its investors, management teams and the Firm across economic and business cycles. 

KPS has completed over 110 controlling investments through six institutional investment funds, comprising 50 platform investments and 63 follow-on acquisitions in industries including basic materials, branded consumer, healthcare and luxury products, automotive parts, capital equipment and general manufacturing.

KPS benefits from the continuity of its Partners and senior investment professionals.  Michael Psaros and David Shapiro co-founded the Firm over three decades ago.  Michael Psaros, David Shapiro and Raquel Palmer, Managing Partners of KPS, lead the Firm and, along with Partners Jay Bernstein, Ryan Baker, Kyle Mumford and Rahul Sevani, are personally involved in every aspect of the Firm’s investment activities, including direct engagement with its portfolio companies and their management teams.  The KPS Partners have worked together as a team for a combined 194 years and believe they possess a distinct skill set, exclusively focused on creating value for investors by improving and transforming manufacturing companies worldwide.  KPS believes the stability, continuity and shared sense of purpose of the KPS Partners over decades are critical factors in the Firm’s success and foster KPS’ culture, value system and reputation for integrity, character, veracity and transparency.

KPS maintains continuity of its investment strategy and core focus.  The Firm’s primary focus will always be developing strong, industry-leading manufacturing companies.

The collective experience of the KPS team over decades provides us with a demonstrated ability to see value where other investors do not, buy right and to make businesses better.   

In 2019, KPS launched KPS Mid-Cap Investments (“KPS Mid-Cap”) to focus on investments in the lower end of the middle marketKPS Mid-Cap targets the same type of investment opportunities and utilizes the same investment strategy that KPS has successfully pursued for over 25-years.  KPS Mid-Cap leverages and benefits from KPS’ global platform, reputation, track record, infrastructure, best practices, knowledge and experience.

KPS is a global Firm with the ability to execute and create value worldwide, with an investor base spanning over 30 countries. 

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